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This month, we continued expanding our serverless service and improving your experience building with Pinecone. Check out some of our product highlights below or read the full release notes.

Try serverless for free with 3x more capacity

You now get 3x more capacity with the new serverless free plan, including 2GB of storage, 2M Write Units (WU) (~300k writes), 1M Read Units (RU) (~100k reads) per month, and up to 5 indexes. Existing free plan users can easily convert ‘gcp-starter’ indexes to serverless.

Build on serverless with Java SDK and expanded regions

Pinecone serverless lets you build AI applications for any size of customer base with better performance and costs. With our Pinecone Java client (v1.0.0) adding serverless support, you can build on serverless with Java, Python, or Node.js. Start building in the new eu-west-1 region in addition to the us-west-2 and us-east-1 regions of AWS.

// Maven

// Gradle
implementation "io.pinecone:pinecone-client:1.0.0"

Global Control Plane API to streamline resource management

Our Global Control Plane API is now generally available (view our new API lifecycle policy to learn more details about the lifecycle of Pinecone APIs, features, and client versions), which enables you to use a global URL for all control plane operations (e.g., list indexes, create indexes, list collections) regardless of the cloud environment.

The Global API is currently supported within our Python, Node, and Java clients. If you want to manage your Pinecone resources via infrastructure as code, we support Terraform and Pulumi. View the quickstart to start building today, or check out the migration guide to upgrade to the new API.

Simplified process to build and search what you need

Our new sample apps allow you to interact with a demo before you build your own. Simply run the npx create-pinecone-app command to make the sample app yours. Check out our demo to learn how to build a multi-tenant RAG app with our sample apps.

Looking for something on the Pinecone site? With our new AI chatbot, you can find relevant search results and resources faster from across the Pinecone site — from our docs, blogs, or forums — and even open a support ticket. Check out a quick demo below.

Pinecone AI chatbot

Seamless access to Pinecone from our partner platforms

With the new Pinecone Partner Program, our partners can create a seamless signup and login process for joint users to access Pinecone using our Connect widget and monitor usage.

Check out the release notes for a running list of all product and feature releases. If you’re new to Pinecone, try it out for free today.


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