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Reduce friction for developers with Pinecone

Pinecone is excited to announce the Pinecone Partner Program, designed to streamline the developer experience. This program allows for seamless integration, enabling developers to access Pinecone with just three clicks from our partners' platforms. The new integration represents a significant step toward reducing friction and increasing productivity for developers building knowledgeable AI applications.

The Pinecone Partner Program is a new addition to a growing list of existing integrations between Pinecone and the AI stack, including observability platforms, data sources, model providers, and frameworks. With this new program and integration, partners can help developers dramatically accelerate successful deployments of AI. The integration will occur in two phases. The first phase, starting on April 17, 2024, lets developers sign up for or log into Pinecone via any integrated partner. The second phase, launching in May 2024, will allow developers to go beyond signing up or connecting to Pinecone. They will be able to fully use Pinecone without leaving their preferred tools.

Level of engagement and program tiering

There are three engagement tiers: Select, Premier, and Elite. The different tiers represent increasing sales, marketing, and technical support levels. Criteria such as signups, active users, usage metrics, and partners agreements determine program tiers.

3-click integration with Pinecone inside partner’s product

As part of the 3-click integration, Pinecone provides partners with a frictionless signup flow and the capability to manage Pinecone resources. Pinecone provides a Connect widget that partners can embed into their applications to attain a frictionless signup flow. This widget allows their end users to create and connect to Pinecone for a seamless signup and login process. Through the widget, the end user can sign up for or log in to Pinecone, select an organization and project, and generate an API key for the project.

Two ways to embed a widget:

  • Script that renders the widget in apps.
  • Python library (pinecone-notebooks) that renders the widget in Colab notebooks.

Script Example

Python Example

In addition to the frictionless signup flow, partners can manage Pinecone resources from their applications on behalf of end users starting mid-May. From the developer's perspective, these capabilities dramatically remove friction in the development process. Developers can now seamlessly access the market-leading vector database without leaving their preferred tools. And partners can easily set up the integration and monitor usage for continuous improvement.

Industry-leading companies are joining the program

The program is launching with industry-leading and rapidly rising companies, including Anyscale, Confluent, LangChain, Mistral, Monte Carlo, Nexla, Pulumi, Qwak,, Vectorize, and Unstructured, with more to be announced. These founding members are collectively known as “the RAG Pack.”

“As companies invest in AI to drive innovation and maintain their competitive edge, the unstructured data powering their models has to be accurate and reliable,” said Lior Gavish, co-founder and CTO of Monte Carlo. “In 2023, we announced our Pinecone integration to bring data observability to vector databases, and now, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Pinecone as a founding member of their RAG-pack. This partnership further cements our leading position in the GenAI stack and signals our continued investment in helping companies achieve reliable data and AI across the business.”

“We're thrilled to be a founding member of the Pinecone Partner Program and part of the RAG Pack,” said Bruce Holbert, Vice President of Partnerships at Nexla, “This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to empower developers with seamless integration across structured and unstructured data sources across the enterprise. Together, we're committed to significantly accelerating GenAI applications and driving innovation in AI development.”

"We're excited to team up with Pinecone and leading innovators in the GenAI domain to empower developers," said Isaac Harris, Head of Business Development at Pulumi. "Our Pinecone Provider simplifies workflows and expedites the development of GenAI applications by bringing Pinecone's capabilities to Pulumi’s Infrastructure as Code platform. This integration enhances the developer experience by using modern programming languages and facilitates the creation of scalable, market-ready GenAI solutions."

Ran Romano Co-founder and CPO at Qwak "We at Qwak are thrilled to be foundational members of the Pinecone Partner Program, known as the 'RAG Pack.' This collaboration marks a significant milestone in making GenAI development more accessible and efficient for developers worldwide. The three-click integration with Pinecone aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify complex AI Infra operations. It empowers our users to leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of Pinecone's vector database directly within our platform, significantly enhancing their GenAI projects' speed, accuracy, and overall impact. We're excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up for our community and the broader ecosystem."

"As part of Pinecone's RAG Pack, Vectorize can now simplify the experience of building RAG-optimized vector indexes on Pinecone by leveraging their partner SDKs and APIs. This means less friction for the developer and faster time to value,” said Chris Latimer, Co-Founder of Vectorize, “With Pinecone and partners like Vectorize, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data, providing accurate and relevant context to power their generative AI applications. We're excited to be a founding member of Pinecone's Partner Program and working with Pinecone to empower developers to build transformative AI solutions."

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