The Vector Database For Machine Learning

Pinecone is the vector database for machine learning applications. Build vector-based personalization, ranking, and search systems that are accurate, fast, and scalable. Use simple APIs with zero maintenance.

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Build vector-based applications that are accurate, fast, and scalable.

No more compromising between accuracy and speed.

Get more accurate results for vector-based queries, such as nearest-neighbor and max-dot-product search, compared to open-source libraries. No parameter tuning needed.

Scale to billions of high-dimensional vectors and keep latencies low for queries, updates, and embeddings with horizontal container distribution.

Connect to any data source, add custom embedding models, or choose from built-in transformers. Tensorflow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, and more are supported.

Use simple APIs with zero maintenance.

No more building and maintaining complex infrastructure for vector-based applications.

Get started in 10 minutes, for free, with a lightweight client and an API key.

Use the API to configure pre- and post-processing, start the service, and add, update, and query the live service from anywhere.

Operate handsfree with a fully managed enterprise-grade service, autoscaling, observability, security, SLAs, and 24/7 support.

Product Overview

Pinecone is a managed database for working with vectors.

It provides the infrastructure for machine-learning applications that need to search and rank results based on similarity, such as recommendations, personalization, image and semantic search, and more.

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Customer Applications
Personalization Recommendation Anomaly Detection Image/Semantic Search Similarity Search Data Fusion ...
Pinecone Vector Database
Vector Index
Vector Index
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Container Distribution
Managed Operations
Managed Operations

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