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Pinecone runs on fully managed infrastructure that scales with you.


For small applications and experiments.

$ 0


For production applications.

$ 0.07/hour

and up

  • Choose from storage-optimized or performance-optimized indexes
  • Scale the number of pods and replicas to meet any demand
  • Single region (GCP US West) with multiple availability zones
  • 24-hour priority support
  • Usage-based pricing starting at $0.070/hour ($50/month)
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For enterprise applications and other requirements.


  • Dedicated environment on GCP (with Private Service Connect) or AWS (with PrivateLink)
  • Multiple regions and multiple availability zones
  • 4-hour high priority support
  • Custom configuration to achieve your performance requirements
  • Usage-based pricing with available pre-commitment discounts

Usage-Based Pricing for Standard Plan

When you create a Pinecone Index, you choose the pod type, number of pods, and number of replicas. You will be billed hourly with monthly invoices.

p1Optimized for lower latency. Used by standard RAM-based index.$0.070/hr
s1Optimized for storage capacity, resulting in lower overall cost. Used by hybrid index.$0.075/hr

More pods increase the number of vectors the index can hold. The fewer the vectors per pod, the lower the latency.

More replicas increase throughput capacity (QPS) linearly. Throughput is related to latency — lower latency provides greater throughput per replica.

Performance & Scale

Choose the pod types, number of pods, and number of replicas to meet your cost and performance requirements. You can achieve low latencies and high throughput with any number of vectors.

The approximate limit 1M vectors per p1 pod is assuming 512-dimension vectors and 1kB metadata per vector. Actual storage capacity and performance may vary due to factors such as metadata size, vector dimensionality, index settings, query patterns, and connection latency.

Contact us about dedicated environments to meet your compliance and performance requirements.


Pinecone takes security seriously for all users. Read about our security practices.

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