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Common Questions

Do you bill by the minute or by the hour?

Usage is billed by the minute. For example, a 1 GB service running for 30 minutes will be charged $0.05.

When does the 14-day trial start?

The trial countdown starts start when you receive the API key.

What cost controls are there?

You control the duration by creating and deleting services, and the memory usage by upserting or deleting data in the index.

What happens when the free trial runs out?

If there is a credit card on file, the service will continue without interruption and monthly billing will begin. If there is no credit card on file, the service will stop.

What happens if I need more than 10 GB/hr in the first 14 days?

You will only be charged for usage above 10 GB/hr. A credit card is required to enable this.

How much memory will I need?

Memory consumption depends on the number of stored vector embeddings (items) and their dimensions, in addition to metadata. The table below provides approximates, assuming no metadata:

Items (vectors)DimensionsMemory (GB)

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