We are engineers, scientists, and researchers.

The vector database for machine learning is brought to you by a dedicated team of engineers, scientists, and researchers with a passion for harnessing AI technology to drive business success.

Leadership Team

We are engineers who built large machine learning platforms, databases, and search engines at AWS (SageMaker), Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. We are scientists who transformed businesses with ML applications such as shopping recommendations, online advertising, semantic search, anomaly detection, and more. We are researchers who collectively published more than 100 academic papers and patents on machine learning, systems, and algorithms.

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Edo Liberty

Edo Liberty

Founder, CEO

Edo is a scientist, technical leader, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, including directorship positions at Yahoo Research (Scalable ML Platform) and AWS (Amazon AI, SageMaker).

Edo published more than 70 academic papers and patents. He is an adjunct professor at Tel Aviv university and an Apache open source contributor.

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Amir Sadoughi

Amir Sadoughi

Head of Engineering

Amir is a technical leader with over a decade of experience leading efforts in distributed systems. His career spans multiple industries including machine learning (Amazon SageMaker), cloud computing (AWS, Rackspace), and high-frequency trading (RGM Advisors). Amir holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Berkeley.

Lior Ehrenfeld

Lior Ehrenfeld


Lior manages Pinecone’s operations and finance. Formerly, Lior was CEO at A-B Fund, and oversaw the business strategy at Tamooz. He holds dual master’s degrees in Business Administration from IDC and in Cognitive Science from HUJI.

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