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The Pinecone Starter (free) plan has become integral to the AI journey for hundreds of thousands of developers looking to build remarkably better AI applications. Starting today, the free plan gets 3x more capacity with Pinecone serverless.

More capacity and more indexes

Here are the upgrades to the new free plan:

  • 3x more capacity: Increased efficiencies from the new serverless architecture and algorithms enable us to support an even bigger free plan. You get 2GB of storage (up to ~300k records* vs. ~100k records before serverless), 2M Write Units (WU) (~300k writes), and 1M Read Units (RU) (~100k reads) per month. WU and RU quotas are reset each month. *1536 dim vectors w/ 500 bytes of metadata
  • Up to 5 indexes: Free users can now have up to 5 indexes, with up to 100 namespaces per index. Easily experiment with your multi-tenant use case before moving to production.
  • Easier to upgrade: When you’re ready to scale beyond the free plan limits, you can easily upgrade and continue building without needing to create a new index or project. Note: Usage on free serverless indexes will start incurring charges immediately after upgrade.

Getting started is a breeze — just name your index, load your data, and start querying through the API or one of our clients. Existing free plan users can easily convert ‘gcp-starter’ indexes to serverless. Support for migrating free pod-based indexes to serverless is coming soon.

Start building today

The serverless free plan is now available. Follow the steps in our quickstart to test it out.


What will you build?

Upgrade your search or chatbots applications with just a few lines of code.