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Pinecone Pioneers

We want to celebrate those who are revolutionizing search technology. The people below are leading the way on adopting, advancing, and advocating for vector search technology.

  • Romana Dorfer

    Romana Dorfer

    Co-Founder, Factinsect

    Romana is an experienced software developer and AI expert, whose company makes an AI-based tool for fact-checking online content.

  • Dan Whalen

    Dan Whalen

    Manager R&D, Expel.io

    Dan is a Principal Researcher at Expel, a transparent Managed Detection and Response vendor. Being in the information security field for 8+ years, he’s passionate about building tech solutions that help protect people from security breaches. Lately, he’s focused on applying data science solutions to unique security problems.

  • André Mourão

    André Mourão

    Senior Software Engineer, Mem Labs

    André is at the forefront of Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. The Principal Senior Engineer at Searchable.ai, making it easy for you to find your files that are spread across multiple cloud services, and founder of Revionista.PT, uncovering post-publication changes in Portuguese news, he’s spent his career ensuring technology makes life easier and more accessible for others. He holds a Computer Science PhD in multimodal search systems.

  • Isabella Fulford

    Isabella Fulford

    Solutions Architect, OpenAI

    Isabella is a software engineer at Mem Labs, the world’s first self-organizing workspace to help you find information and store it better, faster. While pursuing her Bachelor’s and completing her Master’s in Computer Science at Stanford as a Mayfield Fellow, she also worked at Amazon Web Services and Inspire AI.

  • Craig Schmidt

    Craig Schmidt

    ML Engineer, Delomore

    Craig is a former Principal Machine Learning Engineer at TripAdvisor. In his seven years there, he worked extensively with the search group. Before that, he worked at several startups in greater Boston in various Machine Learning (ML) roles. His current startup, Delomore, is a search engine for Shopify shops. It is a perfect application for an embedding-based vector search.

  • Diego Lopez Yse

    Diego Lopez Yse

    ML Engineer, Moody's

    Diego is a data scientist working on applied Machine Learning solutions in the Life Sciences. He’s also a writer and content creator, helping others expand their digital skills. He enjoys hackathons and every opportunity to tackle challenges differently: If we’ve always done it this way, let’s change it.

  • George Mathew

    George Mathew

    Founder, Nyckel

    George is a computer engineering veteran. After working at companies like Microsoft and Oracle, he founded Nyckel, which makes machine learning accessible to software developers.

  • Aiden Lee

    Aiden Lee

    Co-Founder & CTO, Twelve Labs

    Aiden has been in the AI/Deep Learning space for years, including work as an AI Researcher, a Deep Learning Research Scientist, and now as the Founder and CTO of Twelve Labs. Twelve Labs is building a video understanding AI infrastructure where users can easily train and integrate SOTA video understanding models into their system. Their AI team won 1st place in the video retrieval track of IEEE ICCV VALUE Challenge 2021 hosted by Microsoft and UNC.

  • George Williams

    George Williams

    Head of AI, Smile Identity

    George is the Head of AI at Smile Identity, an identity management and biometrics provider. He has held senior leadership roles at Apple’s New Product Architecture group and NYU’s Courant Institute. He is the author of several research papers in computer vision and deep learning and regularly presents at meetups and tech conferences. He has also held the position of Embedded AI Chair for the Valleyml.ai conference, serves on the content committee for the Open Data Science Conference, and is a chair at the Neural Information Processing Conference.

  • Pratik Bhavsar

    Pratik Bhavsar

    Senior NLP Scientist, Enterpret

    Pratik has worked as a data scientist and NLP engineer throughout his entire career. He’s the founding engineer and senior NLP scientist at Enterpret and is the founder of Maxpool, a community for data scientists to discuss practical ML problems. Enterpret provides automated customer feedback to help bridge the gap between product builders and consumers.

  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

    Engineering Manager, Goodnotes

    Alex is currently an Engineering Manager at GoodNotes, where he works on GoodNotes Community, a platform that enables students to explore and exchange lecture notes and other study materials.

  • Oded Kalev

    Oded Kalev

    Detection Group Leader, Perception Point

    Oded is the ML and Data team lead at Perception Point cyber security where he is leveraging data to improve detection in Files, Emails, URLs and more. He’s been interested in science and coding since he was eight years old.

  • Chaymae Chaali

    Chaymae Chaali

    Data Scientist, Sealk

    Chaymae is a Data Scientist at Sealk, a french Fintech offering an artificial intelligence solution to facilitate deal sourcing for M&A and Private Equity.

  • Alvise Sembenico

    Alvise Sembenico

    ML Engineer, Klue

    Alvise is a machine learning engineer at Klue, an AI-powered Competitive Enablement platform. He’s also the founder of Intrical AI, which ensures due diligence in the AI age.

  • Özge Karakaya

    Özge Karakaya

    ML Engineer, Klue

    Ozge is a machine learning engineer at Klue. He’s worked as an engineer in many industries at major companies including Sony, GE Aviation, ING Nederland, and more before joining Klue in July 2021.

  • Nichita Diaconu

    Nichita Diaconu

    ML Engineer, Klue

    Nichita is a machine learning engineer at Klue. Prior to joining, he was a research engineer at Philips where he wrote his MSc thesis on self-attention in vision models, using data dependent filters that also take advantage of the rotational and translational symmetries of images.

  • Björn Burscher

    Björn Burscher

    ML Engineering Manager, Klue

    Björn is an engineering manager in machine learning at Klue. Before that, he was a machine learning engineer at Klue and received a PhD in Information Science from the University of Amsterdam.

  • Morgan Gallant

    Morgan Gallant

    Co-Founder, Operand

    Morgan is the co-founder of Operand, a startup working to “make knowledge come alive” by leveraging the latest and greatest in ML-powered search technologies. Specifically, he is interested in the idea of “[human]-computer symbiosis”, where machines are constantly working on users' behalf to surface information proactively when it’s needed.

  • Bhairav Mehta

    Bhairav Mehta

    CEO & Co-Founder, Buzzle.ai

    Bhairav, CEO/Co-founder at Buzzle.ai, uses his background in deep learning research to build innovative NLP solutions that extract strategic insight for product and marketing teams, directly from the sales conversations they are already recording. Before starting Buzzle, Bhairav was a PhD student at MIT studying the theoretical foundations of deep and multi-task learning. His work as a Masters student at Mila (fka the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms) is heavily-cited in the fields of learning-based robotics and empirical applications of Stein’s Method.

  • Adithya Ramanathan

    Adithya Ramanathan

    Co-Founder, Buzzle.ai

    Adithya is a co-founder at Buzzle.ai where they leverage cutting edge NLP techniques to turn recorded sales and customer success conversations into strategic insight for product and marketing teams. Prior to building Buzzle, Adithya was a Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning where he built and deployed several state of the art NLP solutions.

  • Michael Staunton

    Michael Staunton

    Co-Founder, Buzzle.ai

    Michael, a co-founder at Buzzle.ai, leads development of the core Buzzle services where they apply NLP modeling to take a company’s customer conversations and transform them into actionable insight for product and marketing teams. Previously, Michael worked at Capital One where he helped build their CCPA portal.

  • Val Jones

    Val Jones

    CTO, StoryFile

    Val is the CTO of StoryFile, a cloud-based, no-code, automatic platform that would bring the power of conversational video into everyone’s hands. They were one of the first employees Raxium, is the author of over 20 academic publications and five patents, and comes to StoryFile with more than 20 years of experience helping develop cutting edge tech.

  • Rafal Cycon

    Rafal Cycon

    Chief Data Scientist, Form.com

    Rafal is the Chief Data Scientist at Form.com, the digital assistant for the frontline. According to Kaggle, he is the highest rated data science competitor in Poland and one of the Top 30 in the world. Previously, he led ShelfWise and FORNAX and was a computer vision and ML engineer at a variety of companies, as well.

  • Matt Sonnati

    Matt Sonnati

    CEO & Co-Founder, Inokufu

    Matt is the co-founder, CEO and CTO of Inokufu. He has a very successful educational background, holding a PhD in chemistry, a MBA, and awarded Innovator Under 35 France by the MIT Technology Review in 2012. Having two dyslexic brothers, he quickly realized that this educational and career path was not equally accessible to everyone. He then co-founded Inokufu, which offers a semantic search engine and a multi-view recommendation engine, with the aim of offering personalized learning on a large scale.

  • Guillaume Lefebvre

    Guillaume Lefebvre

    Head of R&D, Inokufu

    Guillaume has always been passionate about artificial intelligence and more particularly NLP, which he discovered in computer science engineering school and deepened in his master’s degree in data science. Today, he continues to work in the field of NLP as a PhD student and head of R&D at Inokufu. At Inokufu, Guillaume aims to revolutionize the field of education and professional training with a disruptive technology of semantic search and multi-view recommendation.

  • Gabin Desserprit

    Gabin Desserprit

    Founder, OriginMatter.com

    As a lead product engineer at Origin Matter, Gabin is developing their reverse content search engine that takes images, videos, texts, and audio and reverses them into searchable content like movies, music, NFTs, products, stores and more.

  • Gabriel Jimenez

    Gabriel Jimenez

    Software Engineer & Architect

    Gabe is an experienced Software Engineer and Architect, with a passion for learning and software development. With over 15 years of experience in large and small projects, in all kinds of organizations from large multi-nationals to startups, he has developed software in every paradigm from embedded to systems to web development.

  • Hannah Kolbeck

    Hannah Kolbeck

    Software Developer

    Hannah is a software developer in Portland, Oregon who meddles in microcontroller hardware and laser cutting. She maintains several Twitter bots centered around alt text and the alt-text.org database. In her spare time she plays soccer, volunteers doing mutual aid, and hangs out with her cat and her wife. She is deeply committed to improving the lives of the people around her, and believes that technology can be a force for immense good in the world is freed from the requirement that it be profitable.

  • Henry Mao

    Henry Mao

    Entrepreneur & Machine Learning Researcher

    Henry is a technology entrepreneur with expertise in deep learning, music generation and natural language processing. He co-founded a startup in 2016 called Altum with the mission to usher in a new era of human creativity through artificial intelligence. They are currently developing Jenni, an AI content writer.

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