LangChain AI Handbook

By James Briggs and Francisco Ingham

The LangChain library empowers developers to create intelligent applications using large language models. It’s revolutionizing industries and technology, transforming our every interaction with technology.

LangChain AI Handbook
Chapter 1

An Introduction to LangChain

An overview of the core components of LangChain.

Chapter 2

Prompt Templates and the Art of Prompts

The art and science behind designing better prompts.

Chapter 3

Conversational Memory

Enabling the next wave of intelligent chatbots using conversational memory.

Extra Handbook Materials

Jupyter Notebooks Repo
Chapter 4

Getting Started With Chains

Introducing the core on LangChain — chains.

Chapter 5

Retrieval Augmentation

Building more robust AI systems with long-term memory.

Chapter 6

And more...

What will you build?

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