Build Chatbots that answer right.

Enhance prompts and generate results backed by real data sources.

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Chatbots with long-term memory

Combine the power of Generative AI models with Pinecone to generate highly relevant, grounded responses.

Hallucination free

Attach highly relevant context to your AI models to ensure consistently grounded, accurate responses - especially for industry specific or internal queries.

No context limits

Provide your AI model with the long-term memory and context it needs for improved relevance without worrying about context limits.

Efficient knowledge updates

Retrieve up-to-date information from memory to ensure highly relevant results without needing to retrain or update your model.

Faster query speeds

Query and attach contextually relevant information from memory instead of the model to enhance prompts and minimize end-to-end latency and consumption.

Chatbot Use Cases on Pinecone

Technical Support

Resolve technical issues faster by generating accurate and helpful documentation or instructions for your users to follow.

Self-serve knowledgebase

Enable your teams to quickly answer questions and gather information from an internal knowledgebase - saving time and boosting productivity.

Shopping assistant

Improve your customer experience by helping shoppers better navigate the site, explore product offerings, and successfully find what they are looking for.

Pinecone is the #1 vector database.
Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah

Founder and CTO at HubSpot

Building with Pinecone

Easy to use

Create an account and your first index with a few clicks or API calls. Use the latest AI models and reference our extensive developer docs to start building AI powered applications in minutes.


Launch, use, and scale your AI applications without needing to maintain infrastructure, monitor services, or troubleshoot algorithms. Choose your provider and region, and we’ll handle the rest.

Fast, relevant results

Find and provide the most relevant context to the Generative-AI model for fast, reliably right answers. Improve relevance with sparse-dense index support for hybrid search use cases.

Simple, predictable costs

Start for free on the Starter plan and seamlessly scale usage with transparent resource-based pricing. Easily view and monitor usage within the console.

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    Vector Search in the Wild

    Big tech has been using it for years, and now it is spreading like wildfire across industries everywhere. Without realizing it, we all use vector search every day. Here we take a look at the world of vector search and its incredible potential.

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    Chatbots with Pinecone

    Chatbots trained on the latest AI models have access to an extensive worldview, and when paired with the long-term memory of a vector database like Pinecone, they can generate and provide highly relevant, grounded responses.

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    Retrieval Enhanced Generative Question Answering with OpenAI

    In this notebook we will learn how to query relevant contexts to our queries from Pinecone, and pass these to a generative OpenAI model to generate an answer backed by real data sources.

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