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Pinecone and Microsoft Azure

Ship fast, accurate, and secure Gen AI applications

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Why Build with Pinecone and Azure

High Performance

  • Low latency and high throughput. Speed through data in milliseconds
  • Quick and accurate results with real-time data freshness and metadata filtering
  • Support both vector search and hybrid search
  • Scale beyond billions of vectors cost-effectively without compromising performance

Developer Favorite

  • Get started in seconds with our console that requires no AI expertise
  • Fully managed service without the need to maintain infrastructure, or monitor services
  • Intuitive APIs and SDKs
  • Compatible with any LLMs

Enterprise Ready

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance: GDPR-ready, SOC2 Type II certified, and HIPPA-compliant
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Stringent access controls
  • Uptime and response time SLAs

Build with Pinecone and Azure

Learn to build overpowered Gen AI apps using Pinecone, Azure and Open AI.