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This month, we launched Pinecone Assistant in beta and many other new features. Learn more below and in our monthly release notes. Want to refresh your memory about our product highlights in Q2? Watch our latest Quarterly Pinecone Summary (QPS) and also get a glimpse into our Q3 roadmap.

Pinecone Assistant - now in beta

Pinecone Assistant — an API service for accurately and securely answering complex questions about your proprietary data within your applications — is now available for developers to try and share feedback in beta. Join the waitlist for access to Pinecone Assistant during the beta period.

Pinecone Assistant
Pinecone Assistant

With Pinecone Assistant you get:

  • Simplicity: Just add your files and start building your killer AI app using the API.
  • High-quality results: Relevant answers grounded in your data, with references.
  • Full control over your data: Your uploaded files help generate useful answers without training the model, and you can easily and permanently remove data.

Serverless namespace quota doubled to support massive multitenancy

The Enterprise quota for namespaces per serverless index has doubled to 100,000. You can use one namespace per tenant to build a multitenant solution. Namespaces allow you to physically partition records in an index. Queries and other operations are then limited to one namespace at a time, leading to faster response times and reduced costs.

When building GenAI apps, picking the best model can be challenging. With our revamped Model Gallery, you can view the details of a curated list of popular models (both open-source and proprietary), choose one that fits your needs, and create an index in Pinecone with just two clicks.

Pinecone Model Gallery

And with our sample apps, you can have an end to end application up and running in minutes. Use one npx command line npx create-pinecone-app to clone and set up the project locally and then tailor it to your own purposes. Try our latest Legal semantic search sample app and build your own semantic search apps.

Semantic search sample app

Check out the release notes for a running list of all product and feature releases. If you’re new to Pinecone, try it out for free today.


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