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We had a productive March, including updated SDKs, new features, and improvements to our console. Check out some of the highlights below.

Broader availability with a new serverless region

We welcomed 2024 with Pinecone serverless, introducing a breakthrough architecture allowing you to build better AI applications while saving up to 50x. You can now deploy Pinecone serverless in the us-east-1 region in addition to the us-west-2 region of AWS. Support for serverless in GCP and Azure is coming soon.

Build better RAG applications with updated Node.js and Canopy SDK

The Pinecone Node.js client v2.1.0 adds functionality to list record IDs or just those with a common ID prefix. ID prefixes enable you to query segments of content, which is especially useful for managing RAG applications where you often need to chunk large documents into smaller segments. This feature is also supported in the Python client (v3.1.0 and later).

import { Pinecone } from '@pinecone-database/pinecone';
const pc = new Pinecone();

const index = pc.index('my-index').namespace('my-namespace');

const results = await index.listPaginated({ prefix: 'doc1#' });
// {
//   vectors: [
//     { id: 'doc1#01' }, { id: 'doc1#02' }, { id: 'doc1#03' },
//     { id: 'doc1#04' }, { id: 'doc1#05' },  { id: 'doc1#06' },
//     { id: 'doc1#07' }, { id: 'doc1#08' }, { id: 'doc1#09' },
//     ...
//   ],
//   pagination: {
//     next: 'eyJza2lwX3Bhc3QiOiJwcmVUZXN0LS04MCIsInByZWZpeCI6InByZVRlc3QifQ=='
//   },
//   namespace: 'my-namespace',
//   usage: { readUnits: 1 }
// }

Canopy is an open-source RAG framework and context engine that enables you to quickly and easily experiment with and build applications using RAG. The latest version of Canopy (v0.8.1) includes better guidance for you to create a knowledge base when using the core library, bug fixes, and more.

Better access control with self-serve SSO and Python proxy support

Enterprise customers can now configure single single-on to manage their teams' access to Pinecone through any identity management solution with SAML 2.0 support, such as Okta.

The latest version of our Python SDK adds four optional configuration properties that enable the use of Pinecone via proxy. This allows users working in environments with proxy servers, network restrictions, or specific security requirements to configure the Python SDK to work seamlessly within those constraints. We’re committed to helping you build secure applications and stay tuned for more security features.

Easier navigation with a refreshed console

You can now find what you need more efficiently. Pick up where you left off with a new index shortcut, and locate indexes faster with the index browser that allows you to search indexes by name. You can also sort indexes alphabetically, by how recently they were viewed or created, or by status, and filter indexes by index type (serverless, pod-based, or starter).

Refreshed console
Refreshed console

Last but not least, we’ve added a Troubleshooting section in the docs where you can find best practices, and how to address common errors.

Check the release notes for a running list of all product and feature releases. If you’re new to Pinecone, try it out today.


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