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Bring reliable GenAI applications to market with Amazon Bedrock and Pinecone

Amazon Bedrock, a service that makes foundation models available through an API, now has an integration with Pinecone to help developers solve hallucination challenges. 

With this integration, AWS customers can quickly and effortlessly build search and GenAI applications with a workflow called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). RAG powered by Pinecone ensures the most relevant, accurate, and fast responses to end users.

We have AI applications in AWS and billions of vector embeddings in Pinecone ... connecting the two in a simple, serverless API is a game-changer for our development velocity.

Samee Zahid

VP of Engineering at Chipper Cash

Why Pinecone for Amazon Bedrock

Easy to use

Choose your AI model and start building in seconds. Create an account and your first index with a few clicks or API calls. Become an expert with extensive developer docs, example notebooks, and educational articles.

Fast, relevant results

Speed through data in milliseconds. Leverage metadata filters and sparse-dense index support for top-notch relevance, ensuring quick and accurate results across diverse search tasks.

Predictable costs

Start for free on the starter plan and seamlessly scale usage with transparent resource-based pricing. Easily view and monitor usage within the console.

How it works

Use Pinecone to store, search, and find the most relevant and up-to-date information from company data, and send that context to Large Language Models (LLMs) with every query.

Diagram showing how bedrock works with Pinecone

Get connected in three steps

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1. Get a Pinecone Account

Set up an account on our platform or through AWS Marketplace

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2. Create an Index

Build your Index with the dimension and metric of your chosen model

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3. Paste Credentials

Copy your connect URL and API Key into Amazon Bedrock to get started

What will you build?

Upgrade your search or chatbots applications with just a few lines of code.