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Start free, scale effortlessly

Pinecone runs on fully managed infrastructure that scales with you.

Starter FREE

For trying out and for small applications.


Up to 2GB storage

Enough for 300k 1,536-dim vectors

Up to 2M Write Units per month

Up to 1M Read Units per month

1 Project

Up to 5 indexes

Up to 100 namespaces per index


For production applications at any scale.


Multiple projects and users

Choose your region

Serverless Indexes PUBLIC PREVIEW

Unlimited storage

$0.33 per GB/Month.

Unlimited writes

Starting at $2.00 per 1M Write Units

Unlimited reads

Starting at $8.25 per 1M Read Units

Up to 20 projects

Up to 20 indexes per project

Up to 10,000 namespaces per index

Pod-Based Indexes

Starting at $0.096/hour

Standard Support

Up to 2 technical contacts

Email Support During Business Hours


For mission-critical production applications.


Everything in Standard

Single sign-on

Prometheus metrics

Private Link COMING SOON

Serverless Indexes COMING SOON

Up to 100 projects

Up to 20 indexes per project

Up to 50,000 namespaces per index

Pod-Based Indexes

Unlimited Pods

Starting at $0.144/hr

Premium Support

24/7/365 dedicated support

Up to 4 technical contacts

Response time SLA

Uptime SLA (99.9%)

Start for free, upgrade any time.

Enterprise Dedicated: Everything in Enterprise, deployed in a single-tenant VPC environment in the region of your choice. Contact us for details and pricing.