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Updated Pinecone Customer Terms

May 24, 2024

Pinecone has undertaken a comprehensive review of its standard customer terms in light of advances to our offerings over time, how we sell to our customers (e.g., both direct and through cloud provider marketplaces), and the evolving AI, cloud services, and SaaS provider landscape.

For customers new to Pinecone, the new Master Subscription Agreement, and incorporated Data Processing Addendum, take effect immediately.

For existing Pinecone customers, the new Master Subscription Agreement and Data Processing Addendum will be effective for all new orders and renewals after June 30, 2024, unless a customer requests an earlier transition from the prior service terms and data addendum, respectively.

If an existing customer has entered into a separately executed agreement with Pinecone governing use of Pinecone’s platform and hosted services, that agreement will not be affected by these updates.

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