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Data Sync and Search: Pinecone and Airbyte

By Roie Schwaber-Cohen

Airbyte offers a platform for creating ETL pipelines without writing integration code. It supports integrations with hundreds of systems, including databases, data warehouses, and SaaS products. The Pinecone connector for Airbyte allows users to hook up these systems directly into Pinecone. The connector will take care of fetching data from the connected source, embed it using OpenAI and Cohere and then upsert it into Pinecone.



Data integration often requires connecting numerous sources, each with its unique characteristics and requirements. At Pinecone, we recognize the value in having a diverse array of connectors and the flexibility to adapt to various data needs. That's where the Pinecone Airbyte connector comes into the picture.

Chapter 1
Getting started with Airbyte and the Pinecone connector
Chapter 2
Postgres to Pinecone Syncing
Learn how to integrate Postgres and leverage the incremental syncing abilities of Airbyte to optimize cost and performance.

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Chapter 3

MongoDB is the most popular document store. In this chapter, you'll learn how to use the connecter and leverage the selector feature to work with nested documents.

Chapter 4

AWS's S3 is a ubiquitous tool for storing unstructured data. In this chapter, we'll talk through using the S3 Airbyte connector with the Pinecone connector.