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The GenAI landscape is rapidly evolving, with new tools and solutions emerging constantly. At Pinecone, we talk to developers every day and know they need the right building blocks to navigate the evolving AI stack. As the only purpose-built vector database for GitHub CoPilot and Azure OpenAI, we provide a critical yet easy-to-use component to the developer experience.

Pinecone is expanding its reach by working with Azure OpenAI and GitHub CoPilot. Pinecone’s integration with Azure OpenAI “On Your Data" service empowers developers to create personalized RAG applications and deploy Advanced AI models on their data without the need for training or fine-tuning. The Pinecone extension for GitHub CoPilot provides natural language personalized recommendations, troubleshooting, and coding assistance. Additionally, Pinecone is one of the first launch partners in the GitHub CoPilot Partner Program - created to foster innovation for developers with an ecosystem that seamlessly blends developer tools, online services, and valuable knowledge.

What this means for developers

  • Accuracy: Leveraging Pinecone’s vector or hybrid search combined with real-time index updates and metadata filtering ensures the freshest and most relevant recommendations. OpenAI's models trained on data within Pinecone deliver superior performance in your GenAI applications.
  • Faster time to production: Built on and available directly in the Azure Marketplace, Pinecone integrates with Azure and GitHub CoPilot. Coding assistance with guidance directly in the CoPilot terminal eliminates context switching and streamlines the workflow allowing for faster time to production.
  • Cost and Performance at Scale: Traditional databases struggle with the large amount of unstructured data. Pinecone scales to handle massive datasets without compromising performance or cost.

The GenAI landscape may be constantly evolving, but building groundbreaking solutions doesn't have to be a struggle. Pinecone offers accuracy, scalability, and faster development times through its integrations with OpenAI and GitHub CoPilot. This allows developers to focus on what matters most - creating the next generation of GenAI applications.

To get started on Pinecone on Azure, visit our marketplace listing.


What will you build?

Upgrade your search or chatbots applications with just a few lines of code.