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The most enjoyable thing about building a product in the cutting-edge vector search space is seeing what users do with it. The second most enjoyable thing is using that information to make improvements that help them do it easier, better, and faster.

One thing we’re seeing more often is customers using Pinecone in mission-critical applications without needing it to run in a dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment. Those customers want the enterprise-grade support, availability, and observability that comes with our single-tenant Dedicated plan. Yet they also want the fast deployment, lower overhead, and lower cost of our self-serve, multi-tenant Standard plan.

Today, we’re introducing a new plan that offers the best of both: Enterprise-grade features and support, with self-serve convenience.

With this update we also:

  • Made our support commitments more clear, so you can rest easy knowing we have your back.
  • Renamed the “Free” plan to “Starter” (it’s still free to use), and the “Dedicated” plan to “Enterprise Dedicated.”
  • Made the usage estimator more accurate by letting you specify the size of your metadata.

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The New Enterprise plan

The new Enterprise plan gives you the features and support you need for mission-critical applications, in our fully managed cloud with self-service and usage-based billing. Previously, the maximum level of features and support was only available on the Dedicated plan, which required more time to deploy and cost more to run.

If you have a mission-critical application that does not need to be in a private environment, you can now get the availability, reliability, observability, and support you need without having to wait or pay for a dedicated deployment. It’s now easy to start and scale with Pinecone whether you’re just experimenting or launching a large enterprise application into production.

The Enterprise plan has all the features of the Standard plan, plus:

  • Multiple availability zones for greater availability: When you add replicas to your index, they are automatically distributed across availability zones within the same cloud region.
  • Promethesus metrics for greater observability: Monitor your Pinecone indexes by ingesting performance metrics into your own Prometheus instances, or into Prometheus- and OpenMetrics-compatible monitoring tools.
  • And more coming soon to give you operational visibility and controls.

It also comes with Premium-level support for peace of mind — with availability SLAs, response-time SLAs, and 24/7 access to support by email or Slack.

The new plan is available today. Learn more and see complete details on our pricing page, or contact us with questions. To upgrade to the new plan, go to your account and then to Billing.


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