Vector Search in the Wild

By James Briggs

Big tech has been using it for years, and now it is spreading like wildfire across industries everywhere. Without realizing it, we all use vector search every day. Here we take a look at the world of vector search and its incredible potential.

Vector Search in the Wild


Vector search has been big tech’s tightly kept secret for years. When you perform a Google search, get recommended shows on Netflix, or find Amazon suggesting that product you never knew you wanted, that isn’t magic; it’s vector search.

It is ubiquitous in our daily lives, and every day new use cases appear, but now it’s not only big tech’s secret sauce. From startups to blue-chip corporations, vector search is finding success everywhere. Here, we will take the lid off the jar and reveal where vector search is used.

In the following chapters, you will learn how vector search can enhance existing applications and open doors to previously inaccessible opportunities.

Chapter 1

How Spotify Uses Semantic Search for Podcasts

How Spotify is reimagining podcast discovery with semantic search.

Chapter 2

Building the Self-Organizing Workspace at Mem

How Mem uses language models and vector search to unlock humanity's collective intelligence.

Chapter 3

Detecting Similar Security Alerts at Expel

How Expel built an alert similarity detector to help security analysts detect and remediate threats faster.

Chapter 4

How Nyckel Built An API for Semantic Image Search

How Nyckel automates ML workflows for image and text classification, object detection, and visual search with the help of vector search.

Chapter 5

How Vector Search Powers Ecommerce

How giants like Amazon or Shein know what you want before you do.

Chapter 6

The Future of Document Discovery

How organizations are using Q&A to enable a more "human" search experience.

Chapter 7

AI-Powered Assistants are Everywhere

Learn how vector search is powering the next generation of chatbots.

Chapter 8

And more...

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