Manage projects

The Pinecone console lets you manage projects, indexes, data, users, and billing through web-based interface.

When you sign up for Pinecone, we'll create a default project for you called {your name}'s default project. We'll also create an API key for your project.

Creating a new project


Starter (free) users can only have 1 owned project. To create a new project, Starter users must upgrade to the Standard or Enterprise plan or delete their default project.

When you create a new project, you can choose the name, deployment environment, and pod limit.

Project environment

GCP US-West is the default environment on default projects, and the only available environment for users on the Starter (free) plan.

Users on the Standard and Enterprise plans can choose from GCP US-West, GCP EU-West, or AWS US-East. Contact us if you need a dedicated deployment in other regions.

The environment cannot be changed after the project is created.

Project pod limit

You can set the maximum number of pods that can be used in total across all indexes in a project. Use this to control costs.

The pod limit can be changed only by the project owner.

Sharing access to a project

You can invite others to join your project, even if they don't have a Pinecone account.

A single user can be part of multiple Pinecone projects. Although users on the Starter (free) plan can only create a single project, they can be invited by another user to join other projects.

User roles

Project owners have full permissions including management of users, API keys, billing, and quotas.

Users can see and use API keys, but they cannot create or delete keys. They also can't add or remove other users, change billing settings, or change project quotas.

Adding users to a project

When you invite another user to join your project, Pinecone sends them an email containing a link that enables them to gain access to the project. If they already have a Pinecone account, they will still receive an email, but they will also be immediately able to view the project.