Installing Pinecone client libraries

For the Pinecone Python client, use the following commands at the command line (the terminal):

pip install -U pinecone-client

Version 3 of Python uses pip3. The command is:

pip3 install -U pinecone-client

Installing Pinecone in a Jupyter notebook

Alternatively, you can install Pinecone in a Jupyter notebook:

!pip install -U pinecone-client

We strongly recommend installing Pinecone in a virtual environment. For more information on using Python virtual environments, see:

PyPA Python Packaging User Guide

Python Virtual Environments: A Primer

Installing the Pinecone gRPC flavor of the standard client

Pinecone also comes with a gRPC flavor of the standard client. To install the gRPC flavor, use the following command:

pip install -U pinecone-client[grpc]

The gRPC client comes with more dependencies compared to the standard client. To get higher upsert speeds, we recommend you use the gRPC client with multi-node indexes. See the [performance tuning] section for more details.