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Sr. Software Engineer - Open-Source SDKs

at Pinecone, NYC

If you’re excited about open-source, multi-language development performance and quality, then this is your opportunity to join an early-stage, fast-growing, and well-funded startup to shape the course of an entire industry.

Pinecone makes it easy to build high-performance vector search applications with its vector database, allowing developers to manage and search through vector embeddings to power semantic search, recommenders, and other applications that rely on relevant information retrieval.

As engineer #4 on the SDKs team, you will build a product and grow a community of developers around it. The Pinecone SDK layer is a high performance, low latency and language idiomatic software, used by hundreds of developers each day. You will:

  • Apply customer-centric product thinking to our clients and APIs to build delightful developer experiences

  • Work in the open as a core contributor to our open-source SDKs: Python, Rust, and the future development of other tools

  • Invest in the team's productivity and keep quality high by using Github Actions to automate testing, documentation, security, and release management

  • Help lay the foundation for a high trust team culture as the company continues to grow

Senior Engineers at Pinecone can independently deliver complex projects and be an active partner in setting strategy on APIs, observability, usability, interface design, and more. 

What we look for:

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience; design, architecture, and implementation of both user facing and infrastructure components, databases and web services

  • Product-minded engineers who can empathize with users, represent their needs in technical discussions and eagerly incorporate their feedback into our products

  • Strong written communication skills to represent the company well when engaging the open-source community and collaborating with other teams at Pinecone

  • Able to work confidently in at least two programming languages and excited to learn more as needed; strong experience in Python preferred

  • Experience designing APIs: shared code libraries, REST, gRPC, etc.

  • Passionate about open-source software development and databases

  • Growth mindset, courage, and curiosity to stretch beyond your previous experiences

Big Bonus points:

  • Strong familiarity with at least one compiled language, such as Rust, Go, or Java

  • Experience with large scale open-source projects or open-source community management

  • Experience developing a database or query engine SDK

Pinecone is a distributed team with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. You will be part of a world-class team with alumni from companies like Amazon, Google, Databricks, Twitter, and Splunk. The company emerged from stealth in January 2021 with $10M in seed funding — led by the same legendary investor as Snowflake —  followed by $28M Series A funding announced in March 2022 and a $100M Series B announced in April 2023.

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